Gun Buyback SF: Art of Peace (Jan 2019)

Proposal, Art of Peace

I will be Guest Artist for the Art of Peace exhibit at United Playaz Headquarters in San Francisco in January. Robby Poblete Foundations’s program uses materials from guns collected from our gun buybacks, along with confiscated firearms from throughout the state by law enforcement agencies, to transform weapons of destruction into instruments of hope through art.

From my proposal:
Wrapping connotes protection, warmth and healing. Bandages wrap and heal. A shawl wraps around one’s shoulders on a cold night. Meat for the daily meal is protected and wrapped in paper.

Binding, a form of tight wrapping serves to restrict and quiet motion.

Wrapping also mutes and softens a hard form, like a metal component, as snow deafens the crunching sound of boots in winter. Silence is once again.