SMALL modernboro
Indigo remnants, thread, spray paint, book pages, plastic bags, beads, SIM cards
Each piece approx 9 inches high


LARGE modernboro
Indigo-dyed remnants, book pages, spray paint, thread
14 x 28 inches

–a contemporary concept developed and created with traditional Japanese boro textiles as the starting point.

–a form of sustainable collage that elevates the commonplace and discarded. Modern-day ephemera (torn pages, old coffee cups, plastic shopping bags, SIM cards) is incorporated and sewn into remnants of dyed material. The back of a piece is often seen along with the front.

an online collection of works that encompasses a range of media including textiles, painting, ceramics and other media that fall under the rubric modernboro (@modernboro on Instagram).

–Research paper on traditional Japanese boro textiles and contemporary art, craft and design
–Blog post on ethical appropriation and domestic textiles of the past