RECLAIMING RAPUNZEL (The Rapunzel Project)

RECLAIMING RAPUNZEL was a temporary collaborative installation using reclaimed materials with a modern re-telling of the famous folk tale. The installation, a 15-foot long, five-stranded golden braid hanging from the second-story window to the ground floor, was constructed at the MarinMOCA building in February of 2016 by over 25 participants. Materials were purchased from Scrap, a nonprofit creative reuse center in SF.

Before the Brothers Grimm, there was Purcinette, told in 1698 by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de la Force, a strong-willed and fiercely independent woman who was banished to a convent after displeasing Louis XIV. Locked away in a cloister, much like Rapunzel is in her tower, Charlotte-Rose was among the first writers to pen a collection of literary fairy tales and also one of the world’s first historical novelists. Her stories were among the first literary fairy tales to be published, and many attribute her with beginning the historical fiction genre.

As a former art teacher, I was impressed by Ms. Klare’s teaching skills; she was relaxed, humorous, organized, encouraging, and informative throughout the  workshop. –Rapunzel Project participant

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