Ink and colored pencil on Bristol paper
18 x 24 inches


FADE TO RED is one of the drawings that will be displayed as part of ON THE GRID at Riffe Gallery in Columbus, OH curated by Kelly Dietrick.


July 27 – October 4, 2024

Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery, Columbus, Ohio

OPENING Saturday, 27 July from 2-4

77 S High St, Columbus, OH 43215



To be “on the grid” is to be recognized as participating in and contributing to something bigger, but also to be drawing from, and to some degree dependent on, something bigger. Moreover, from a visual organization perspective, the grid is a way to unify that which might otherwise seem disparate. Ohio is fortunate to have so many talented artists who deserve to be recognized as being “on the grid”, participating in the bigger contemporary art world.

Thematically, I was inspired by the specification for “intersectional artists” in this curatorial call. At first thought, I took that to mean a “not homogenous” selection of artists, but then I found myself thinking more about the plethora of ways we might consider a curated group of artists and their artworks, as “not homogenous”. Ultimately, I made a conceptual and visual connection to the grid as a theme as it is made up of several individual units which yield a series of intersections. Moments where ideas cross because of their different directions.

In this proposal, I aim to include a selection of artists working across a wide range of disciplines, but whose selected works all have some presence of the grid. The tentatively chosen artists are working in film, photography, installation, textiles, ceramics, painting, sculpture, performance, product design, and mixed-media. Assembling them together creates intersections of emerging and established artists, rural and urban based artists, underground and mainstream artists, non-objective and figurative artists, just to name a few. Furthermore, exploring intersections is something these artists talk about in their own work.

As an artist myself, I also work with a grid and think a lot about formal and conceptual interactions. As a curator, I find myself primarily interested in creating subtle and/or jarring juxtaposition so as to gently nudge or sometimes persuade viewers to see works in relation to other works, to make personal or universal connections that may not have otherwise been made. I think the difference between consuming a single artwork and taking in a thoughtfully curated exhibition, is that the work itself grows from the new contexts it is placed in, as do we.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT–The framing for this project was made possible by an artist grant from GCAC.