TACTILE SKETCHBOOK a book or folio of pages with textilian qualities, incorporating or referencing textile, fiber or thread (thread as line, cloth as paint)

gouache painting, rescued textiles, photographs, pencil drawings, indigo dye and thread on Japanese design book (verso and recto), 6 x 9 inches


LA POETICA (Nostro Novecento)  10 of 20 pages, with cover and endpage
ink and gouache drawings, pencil, rescued boro and hand-dyed indigo textiles, thread, remnants, and other ephemera sewn on poetry anthology pages (Author: Franco Mollia, 1967), 5 x 7 inches


INDIGO BLUE PASSING BY (#maryleebendolph)  rescued indigo-dyed textiles and thread on vintage book pages, approx 6 x 8 inches


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SAILING  gouache, rescued and modern boro textiles, ink drawings, pencil, Icelandic wool, thread on vintage book pages
6 x 9 inches


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GARDEN  gouache painting, pencil drawing, pastel, rescued textiles, thread on vintage book pages, 5 x 7.25 inches


DRAWN LINE SEWN LINE INKED LINE  gouache, ink, pencil and thread on vintage book pages, approx 6 x 9 inches





SEA MEETS NIGHT SKY (Blönduós ICELAND)  First 44 of 144 views
ink, powdered indigo and gouache drawings, pastel pencil on paper, 11 x 14 inches


SECRET LANGUAGE BETWEEN MOTHER & CHILD   Symbols and imaginary paper folding diagrams juxtaposed with compressed lines of my mother’s poetry, digital print on paper and marker, 8 x 10 inches