A QUOI SERT L’ART? (What Is Art For?)


As part of the research study at Concordia University Socially Engaged Art and Public Pedagogies, Montreal, QUEBEC

To be turned into:

  • Visual Essay
  • Textile Tapestry

TEXT [excerpt]

For the first part of the Lockdown, I was in a 590 sq ft condo downtown. I couldn’t create; I couldn’t think. I think I held my breath for a month while we all watched and waited. Sirens, helicopters. Worry. Fear. Empty streets make no sense in a city.
My partner and I made the leap to the small college town where I grew up in the middle of May. The U.S. was tentatively opening up. It was a complete leap (of faith) with all our things. I hadn’t had an art studio for over a year. So many things were cancelled—a residency, a show, a trip to Europe to see my MA colleagues. But my loved ones were safe and so was I. One thing wasn’t cancelled: a group show in Linz Austria about connection. It became my artistic lifeline. A deadline can rudder you when you are floating in a sea of endless days and nights…

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