Social Justice Art of the Twenties

UK-based artist, curator, activist, and collector Amy Jackson ( will be including my work, RAINBOW WAVE, in her upcoming book, Social Justice Art of the Twenties. MORE DETAILS TO COME!   RAINBOW WAVE (US 2022 midterms) Ink and colored pencil on paper 19 x 24 inches unframed

Exquisite Corpses and Juneteenth

  I am happy to report that my work will be included in the following exhibition as part of SHIM Social Justice:   Juneteenth Location: Court Square Exchange, Connecticut, USA Opening Date: 19th June 2023 Projected Close Date: 10th July 2023   A group exhibition, where a selection of ‘Exquisite Corpses*’ will be displayed representing different SHIM Groups. All members from SHIM Social Justice are invited to include a piece of work, which


    My work will be included in Miami Art Week/Art Basel as part of SHIM ART NETWORK’s Social Justice exhibition. Five of my textile drawings are on the Artsy page for sale. Miami Art Week From November 27 through December 6, 2020, South Florida’s leading art institutions organize over sixty exhibitions and events, on-site and also online.


FLAG ME DOWN Nov 4 to 27 Chaddock-Morrow Gallery Dairy Barn Arts Center, Athens OH Ragged Textiles and Drawings This installation is an exploration of the concept of flag, of cloth and thread as symbols of war and peace (or surrender). It is not for me to comment on politics, only to draw attention to what is happening in our world. To wave one’s arms so that others stop moving.

Textile Sketchbooks in Australia!

From my studio spaces page for Fibre Arts Australia @fibreartsaustralia WORKSHOP COMING UP: Textile Sketchbooks 12 – 19 SEPTEMBER 2023 Ballarat, AUSTRALIA (nr Melbourne)   SEE to register

Fundraiser for Working Gear, Vancouver BC

Excited to be among this great group of artists for the Grand Reopening / Fundraiser for the benefit of Working Gear. You can find the Artist Catalogue here. Working Gear Clothing Society assists low-income unemployed men re-entering the workforce by providing work appropriate clothing and more. Sept 10th, 2022 – Artist Opening and Sneak Preview, noon – 4 pm Sept 15th, 2022 – Auction, 6 – 9 pm THIS GALLERY ( 227-475

VANISHING reviewed

A REVIEW OF VANISHING Disappearing suddenly and completely, from sight, especially quickly; becoming invisible. An online exhibition curated by Shannon Pawliw and Barbara Bryn Klare of THIS GALLERY (see   The complete PDF is below:

Yakima Herald Reviews Nature+1

“NATURE+1” is an ongoing body of work by Barbara Bryn Klare about small moments in the every day, or what author Saul Bellow calls “unexpected intrusions of beauty.” An installation of Klare’s artwork will open at the Boxx Gallery on Saturday, Feb. 5. “It’s about conservation and treading lightly,” Klare writes, “and appreciating a commonplace occurrence: a stick beneath your feet as you walk.” Natural materials were collected from the

WHERE Were You Harassed? to be shown in Sweden 12 Feb

WHERE Were You Harassed? is an inclusive, anonymous collection of approximately 500 locations where sexual harassment took place. It will be shown in Sweden on 12 Feb 2022 as part of an art performance. More details to come. To find out more about the WWYH Project, go here.      


The NATURE+1 collection will be displayed at BOXX Gallery in Tieton WA February 2022. BOXX Gallery is an art gallery that supports the local art community, as well as financially supports the Highland Food Bank, which fills a critical need in Tieton and Cowiche every week. For more information about the NATURE+1 collection, go here.


  TACTILE SKETCHBOOK I Gouache, rescued textiles, photograph scraps, pencil drawings, indigo dye and thread on Japanese design book 6 x 9 inches (verso and recto pages) “pushing the boundaries of sketching by working with thread and textiles” ARTWRITE 13 Feb 2021 “My art practice is deeply involved in the making of “Textile Sketchbooks.” This term is not entirely my own; the textile design profession has a version related to


  SHREDDED FLAG (Charlottesville) to be in the Sept issue of HAUS-A-REST zine. The theme is MATERIAL DAMAGE, which explores the use of textiles in contemporary art. From the HAUS-A-REST site: While fabric, wool, silk, and textiles have been a wonderful source of creativity since time began, as a medium it has now taken center stage in Contemporary art with art practitioners using it to draw, make sculptures, use it

OUTSIDE IN at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

OUTSIDE IN Cleveland Botanical Gardens Guren Gallery Opening Wed 28 July 160 pieces from the NATURE + 1 collection on display at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH. For more info, see


A FEW FAVORITE FLOW MUSIC ARTISTS BRIAN ENO Music for Airports TVO Jordan De La Sierra (post-minimalist piano) FLOWSTATE.FM will send you an email with a musical artist specially picked for focus and getting in the flow every weekday. I recommend it. You can get the recommendation free in your email every weekday, or subscribe and get access to their private podcast mixes and Spotify playlists.   SEE ALSO WHAT


WHAT IS FLOW? We are mesmerized by flow, both within us and outside of us. Flow is a “mental state in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment. Flow, creativity, and happiness are related.”* Flow heightens creativity in the moment and future moments. Being in the flow can train us to be more open, more innovative, more curious.

My Interview on ARTish Plunge Podcast

NOW LIVE: My Interview on ARTish Plunge Podcast I sat down with Kristy Battani of The ARTish Plunge podcast and talked about Art, Textiles, Boro, curating and some of favorite artists. MORE INFO:

NATURE + 1 collection to be at Cleveland Botanical Garden

OUTSIDE IN Guren Gallery, Cleveland Botanical Garden 7/27 through 9/12/2021 NATURE + 1 is a collection of over 300 individual pieces, each including an element from nature paired with humanmade elements, such as fabric remnants and/or thread. It’s about conservation and treading lightly, about being a guest, with nature taking the lead in this delicate dance. It is also about celebrating and honoring the overlooked, small moments in the everyday:

Care + Pace: Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair

YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE video in Care + Pace at PMVABF Just in case you didn’t know, I am also a yoga practitioner, and I got my yoga teacher certification during COVID downtime (what else was there to do? or so I thought at the time). If you would like to see the video in full, let me know. My short video YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE was presented

THIS GALLERY to speak on Curatorial Strategies at UNC Chapel Hill

VANISHING THIS GALLERY to speak on Curatorial Strategies elin o’Hara slavick, Professor of Art at UNC Chapel Hill, invited THIS GALLERY to speak to her Curatorial Strategies class about starting an online gallery. Some of the topics we will cover in our presentation: Nuts and Bolts Why Curate? Lessons Learned The Jurying Process


COVIMETRY Galeria BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, POLAND 4-31 December 2020 WHERE Were You Harassed? will be displayed with the 232 artists from 36 countries taking part in the exhibition. This artistic project is about a global manifestation of geometric art (constructivism, concrete art, hard edge, minimal art, op-art, non-objective art, post-conceptual and other tendencies), that is aware of its time. UPDATE 15 MARCH 2021 — COVIMETRY to be shown at Ely Center