Residency at Galerie Abstract Project, Paris

In August, I will be Artist-in-Residence at Galerie Abstract Project in Paris, France for two weeks. Galerie Abstract Project 5 rue des immeubles industriels 75011 Paris Residency: 14 Aug – 31 Aug 2023 _________________ mon texte en français: la mémoire de la couleur dépend du jour Le travail en techniques mixtes de Klare présente une esthétique contemporaine explorant l’abstraction, la précision, la géométrie, la matérialité et le processus, évoquant une présence


I made this piece for the virtual show NATURAL IMPRESSIONS curated by Museu Têxtil (founded in São Paulo, Brazil, and currently located in New Orleans LA). Working from maps, graffiti art, and vintage boro pieces I found as my inspiration.   Here is the text from the NATURAL IMPRESSIONS catalogue: Cloth as a metaphor: thread transforms into a line, and fabric becomes paint. Rescued textiles, objects, drawings, text, and various


STALKING ARTIST SHELVES Who knew that stalking other artists’ bookshelves was a thing? I did. And do. And so does, the New York Times–or at least celebrity writers, actors, and others’ bookshelves (here and again here). My friend Jenny’s bookshelf was designed and made by her architect husband. The books are ordered by color. Note that there is room for art within and below the shelves. @TheArtistShelf on Instagram Book |


I was lucky to be part of Cambridge (UK) Sustainability Residency 2016 back when it was still active. CSRes is/was an artist-led project for artists working in the field of sustainability. The theme was Growth and Insulation. Using the analogy of the endangered species, I explored current challenges to sustaining Pashmina textile tradition, including growing political, economic, environmental and aesthetic pressures, the dilution and mis-marking of the real Pashmina label, and the