MODERN BORO I Indigo-dyed rescued textiles hand-sewn and machine-sewn, thread

I made this piece for the virtual show NATURAL IMPRESSIONS curated by Museu Têxtil (founded in São Paulo, Brazil, and currently located in New Orleans LA). Working from maps, graffiti art, and vintage boro pieces I found as my inspiration.


Here is the text from the NATURAL IMPRESSIONS catalogue:

Cloth as a metaphor: thread transforms into a line, and fabric becomes paint. Rescued textiles, objects, drawings, text, and various other materials are skillfully interwoven in an artistic practice that explores themes of fragility, waste, repair, sustainability, and the dynamics of power and powerlessness. Through their work, the artist gives voice and artistic solace to the overlooked members of our society: discarded sticks, old clothes, fabric remnants, and unheard poets. They champion and advocate for the humble and frayed, liberating the discarded remnants of our throw-away culture. The enduring strength found in worn fabrics and weathered paper becomes the foundation for their largescale installations, drawings, collages, objects, and socially engaged projects.

The catalogue can be ordered from Amazon here.

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