My small sculpture work has been included in the bilingual (English/French) publication, Of Socially Engaged Art in Québec: Ethics and Aesthetics of the Useful, in the essay on a collaborative project, What is art for? (2020) by Kathleen Vaughan, MFA, PhD.

Launch event is at Centre Skol on Thursday, August 31, from 5 to 7 p.m. 
Skol is at 372 Ste-Catherine St. W. (also known as the Belgo Building), unit 314, Montreal, Quebec, H3B 1A2



Collaborators (listed in the order of their images, above, left to right, top to bottom): Stephanie Reynolds (Ottawa, ON); Maria Ezcurra (Montreal, QC); Colleen Leonard (Hudson, QC); Shaghayegh Darabi (Montreal, QC); Elsy Zavarce (Montreal, QC); Ann-Lisa Kissi (Montreal, QC); Barbara Bryn Klare (Athens, OH); Jodie Simms (Stockholm, SE); Avy Loftus (Montreal, QC); Karina Mariano (Montreal, QC); Denise A. Olivares (Montreal, QC); Rosi Maria di Meglio (Montreal, QC); Sabina Rak (Ville St-Laurent, QC); Cynthia van Frank (Montreal, QC); Jeannie K. Kim (Dundas, ON); Anie Toole (Quebec City, QC); Rosemary Reilly (Montreal West, QC); Carolyn Weisnagel (Rigaud, QC); Megan Kahnarahtenhá:wi Whyte (Kahnawà:ke, QC); Kathleen Perry (Westmount, QC).