MAD et LEN Scent of grey, of cropped Japanese hinoki wood

MAD et LEN is a Parisian artisanal scent company with a quote from Marcel Proust’s “Swann’s Way” at the core of their work. They recently chose one of my IMPACT drawings on Instagram as graphite inspiration for their Monochrome Graphite parfum: scent of grey, of cropped Japanese hinoki wood. THE SMELL AND TASTE OF THINGS REMAIN POISED A LONG TIME, LIKE SOULS, READY TO REMIND US, WAITING AND HOPING FOR

#artistsupportpledge SKETCHBOOK

For the #artistsupportpledge, I am offering NATURE +1 and TEXTILE SKETCHBOOK I. The #artistsupportpledge is an Instagram movement conceived by Sussex-based artist Matthew Burrows to provide a platform for artists to share and sell their work through a straightforward, artist-to-patron, artist-to-artist formula. Artists post images of a work for sale for no more than £200 ($230), and when their sales reach £1,000 ($1,155) they promise to buy another artist’s work for £200.  

SNAFU—TARFU—FUBAR—BOHICA (Or, a U.S. military term for a disastrously mishandled undertaking)

IN PURSUIT OF ERROR This image is a blurred lower right section of a John Gossage (b. New York, 1946) collage from the series “Hey, Fuckface” showing at Casemore Kirkeby in San Francisco. John Gossage is a photographer noted for exploring under-recognized elements of the urban environment, abandoned tracts of land, debris and garbage. The series consists of collages made from silver gelatin prints and torn-up, used craft paper with

RAPUNZEL in the desert

  DESERT X (DX 19) is a site-specific exhibition with work from invited artists from different parts of the world responding to the unique conditions of the Coachella Valley in southern California. RECLAIMING RAPUNZEL will be one of the works in the TEXTILE ARTS LA installation Looming Shelter. The structure will be built by the team at Makerville. READ about it on TEXTILE ARTS LA.

I am my mother’s secret plus one

Idea Sketches SECRET LANGUAGE BETWEEN MOTHER & CHILD Digital print on paper, marker 8 x 10 inches 2017 When my mother passed, I was appointed the task of “doing something” with my mother’s poems. All 500 of them. A digital artist book, SECRET LANGUAGE BETWEEN MOTHER & CHILD is what I “have done,” so far, with this never-ending Forever Work-in-Progress. Composed of pages of compressed text from my mother’s poetry

On Wrapping

Wrapping connotes protection, warmth and healing. Bandages wrap and heal. A shawl wraps around one’s shoulders on a cold night. Meat for the daily meal is protected and wrapped in paper. Binding, a form of tight wrapping serves to restrict and quiet motion. Wrapping also mutes and softens a hard form, like a metal component, as snow deafens the crunching sound of boots in winter. Silence is once again. United

Population 2,466

I will be spending two weeks as an Artist-in-Residence at Open Wabi in rural Ohio in late August to early September. The residency is situated in an old 1900s furniture factory on 20 acres of land in Fredericktown, Ohio (population 2,466).

Water stress

This piece shows areas of major water stress on the African continent. It will be shown as part of the Earth Action Initiative Climate Art show on 6 April 2018 at 444 Eshleman Hall, 2457 Bancroft Way, on the UC Berkeley campus, Berkeley, CA.

DRAWING on scraps of life

This drawing will be shown at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in N Lincolnshire, UK as part of an exhibit inspired by Martin Kippinger’s Hotel Drawings. I entered sketches on museum ephemera from my summer 2017 trip to Berlin. I think it is very important to see an artist’s hand, raw, untouched. To see the rest of the drawings from that trip, go here. ART ON HOTEL NOTE PAPER 20-21 Visual

An artist speaks out about Quiet

Quiet, Stillness and the Right Kind of Noise My art practice so far consists of me, sitting at a low table in my studio, with my face pointed away from the door, hunched over my drawings. My studio is on the second floor of a building that once was the headquarters for officers in the Air Force; the building and the field around is now for civilian use. The ceiling

Digital Culture

My drawing “Just Naver It” is a play on the US popular culture phrase, “Just Google It,” referring to the prevalence of the internet search engine as a means to provide the answer to everything. Naver is the equivalent popular browser in S Korea. Apparently, CICA has an interesting history: it was started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio. It has turned into a unique cultural space. They foster

If the card fits, mail it

I don’t usually do mail art, but I really like the idea of getting art in the mail, so I showed up and made this piece for a show of international collage, paint, assemblage, and written word artists. This was right at the start of my interest in traditional Japanese boro textiles. This is a very simple example of the simple running stitch (“sashiko”) used in boro.

The sound of rain

“I had a discussion with a great master in Japan, and we were talking about the various people who are working to translate the Zen books into English, and he said, “That is a waste of time. If you really understand Zen, you can use any book. You could use the Bible. You could use Alice in Wonderland. You could use the dictionary, because the sound of rain needs no