This image is a blurred lower right section of a John Gossage (b. New York, 1946) collage from the series “Hey, Fuckface” showing at Casemore Kirkeby in San Francisco. John Gossage is a photographer noted for exploring under-recognized elements of the urban environment, abandoned tracts of land, debris and garbage. The series consists of collages made from silver gelatin prints and torn-up, used craft paper with handwritten epithets—aimed at pre-Superfund sites found on Staten Island and upstate New York, pointing to the U.S. government’s mishandling of toxic waste around the country. The Superfund is a federal program designed to fund the cleanup of toxic wastes. It is highly controversial and rife with concerns about the fairness of its liability provisions and the Environmental Protection Agency’s record of cleanup competency.

My image is an “error” made by an awkward maneuver on my part—-about a collage that is about gross errors and mistakes on the part of the United States government—and future mishaps yet to be.

Ironically, I saved it at the highest resolution possible. An error, about now and future errors, saved for posterity, of the best quality.

Barbara Bryn Klare
San Francisco, CA
5 Dec 2018

Submitted: In Pursuit of Error, Tracy Piper-Wright, Chester UK
In Pursuit of Error is a practice research project which investigates the photographic ‘mistake.’