An artist speaks out about Quiet

Quiet, Stillness and the Right Kind of Noise My art practice so far consists of me, sitting at a low table in my studio, with my face pointed away from the door, hunched over my drawings. My studio is on the second floor of a building that once was the headquarters for officers in the Air Force; the building and the field around is now for civilian use. The ceiling

Digital Culture

My drawing “Just Naver It” is a play on the US popular culture phrase, “Just Google It,” referring to the prevalence of the internet search engine as a means to provide the answer to everything. Naver is the equivalent popular browser in S Korea. Apparently, CICA has an interesting history: it was started from the sculptor Czong Ho Kim’s studio. It has turned into a unique cultural space. They foster

If the card fits, mail it

I don’t usually do mail art, but I really like the idea of getting art in the mail, so I showed up and made this piece for a show of international collage, paint, assemblage, and written word artists. This was right at the start of my interest in traditional Japanese boro textiles. This is a very simple example of the simple running stitch (“sashiko”) used in boro.