Land Rock Mountain Triptych III (Green), Indigo-dipped paper, 18 x 24 inches, 2017


Rethinking the Landscape

LAND ROCK MOUNTAIN is in an online group show at Conversations with Artists from October 1st – November 30th, 2023

Land Rock Mountain Triptych III (Green) is on permanent display at Conversations with Artists.

This is the story of my chase for an elusive blue I had seen in a photograph of Iceland. This blue represented everything I wanted–still, frozen, pure. I had never been to Iceland and I had never been that far north in my life. I not only found the blue I was searching for, in the land and rocks and in my indigo dye pot, but many other rich and deeply soul-fulfilling blues. These pieces describe my love affair with this family of blues I collectively call ICELAND blue: streaming into my studio in the long sunrise, in the underwater lights at a community swimming pool, in a window in a house as I walked by one night in Akureryi, and in these pieces, the first snow and ice.
–From an artist residency at Icelandic Textile Centre in Blönduós, Iceland, where the glacial river Blanda meets the Arctic Sea.


The other artists in the show: Ciara Barsotti, Laura Barr, Susan Barrett, Jess Blaustein, John A. Blythe, Rod Boyer, Jenny Carpenter, Joan Elliott, Arron Foster, Lisa Lee Freeman, Bess French, Tommy Goguely, Philippe Halaburda, Kendall Hamilton, Judy Kirpich, Jim Kociuba, Amy Kustra, Lara Mann, Laura Mongiovi, Katherine Patterson, Lucy Kay Plowe, Jolene Powell, Lorna Ritz, Danny Rose, Irit Rosenberg, Sara Schneckloth, Susan Stillman, Julia Stoops, Marion Wesson, Rachael Wren, Amy Yoshitsu