Yakima Herald Reviews Nature+1

“NATURE+1” is an ongoing body of work by Barbara Bryn Klare about small moments in the every day, or what author Saul Bellow calls “unexpected intrusions of beauty.” An installation of Klare’s artwork will open at the Boxx Gallery on Saturday, Feb. 5. “It’s about conservation and treading lightly,” Klare writes, “and appreciating a commonplace occurrence: a stick beneath your feet as you walk.” Natural materials were collected from the

WHERE Were You Harassed? to be shown in Sweden 12 Feb

WHERE Were You Harassed? is an inclusive, anonymous collection of approximately 500 locations where sexual harassment took place. It will be shown in Sweden on 12 Feb 2022 as part of an art performance. More details to come. To find out more about the WWYH Project, go here.      


The NATURE+1 collection will be displayed at BOXX Gallery in Tieton WA February 2022. BOXX Gallery is an art gallery that supports the local art community, as well as financially supports the Highland Food Bank, which fills a critical need in Tieton and Cowiche every week. For more information about the NATURE+1 collection, go here.


  TACTILE SKETCHBOOK I Gouache, rescued textiles, photograph scraps, pencil drawings, indigo dye and thread on Japanese design book 6 x 9 inches (verso and recto pages) “pushing the boundaries of sketching by working with thread and textiles” ARTWRITE 13 Feb 2021 “My art practice is deeply involved in the making of “Textile Sketchbooks.” This term is not entirely my own; the textile design profession has a version related to


  SHREDDED FLAG (Charlottesville) to be in the Sept issue of HAUS-A-REST zine. The theme is MATERIAL DAMAGE, which explores the use of textiles in contemporary art. From the HAUS-A-REST site: While fabric, wool, silk, and textiles have been a wonderful source of creativity since time began, as a medium it has now taken center stage in Contemporary art with art practitioners using it to draw, make sculptures, use it

OUTSIDE IN at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

OUTSIDE IN Cleveland Botanical Gardens Guren Gallery Opening Wed 28 July 160 pieces from the NATURE + 1 collection on display at the Cleveland Botanical Garden, 11030 East Blvd, Cleveland, OH. For more info, see https://barbarabrynklare.com/nature-plus-1/.

My Interview on ARTish Plunge Podcast

NOW LIVE: My Interview on ARTish Plunge Podcast I sat down with Kristy Battani of The ARTish Plunge podcast and talked about Art, Textiles, Boro, curating and some of favorite artists. MORE INFO: https://www.kristybattani.com/podcast/barbara-klare-e8

NATURE + 1 collection to be at Cleveland Botanical Garden

OUTSIDE IN Guren Gallery, Cleveland Botanical Garden 7/27 through 9/12/2021 NATURE + 1 is a collection of over 300 individual pieces, each including an element from nature paired with humanmade elements, such as fabric remnants and/or thread. It’s about conservation and treading lightly, about being a guest, with nature taking the lead in this delicate dance. It is also about celebrating and honoring the overlooked, small moments in the everyday:

Care + Pace: Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair

YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE video in Care + Pace at PMVABF Just in case you didn’t know, I am also a yoga practitioner, and I got my yoga teacher certification during COVID downtime (what else was there to do? or so I thought at the time). If you would like to see the video in full, let me know. My short video YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE was presented

THIS GALLERY to speak on Curatorial Strategies at UNC Chapel Hill

VANISHING THIS GALLERY to speak on Curatorial Strategies elin o’Hara slavick, Professor of Art at UNC Chapel Hill, invited THIS GALLERY to speak to her Curatorial Strategies class about starting an online gallery. Some of the topics we will cover in our presentation: Nuts and Bolts Why Curate? Lessons Learned The Jurying Process


COVIMETRY Galeria BWA Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, POLAND 4-31 December 2020 WHERE Were You Harassed? will be displayed with the 232 artists from 36 countries taking part in the exhibition. This artistic project is about a global manifestation of geometric art (constructivism, concrete art, hard edge, minimal art, op-art, non-objective art, post-conceptual and other tendencies), that is aware of its time. UPDATE 15 MARCH 2021 — COVIMETRY to be shown at Ely Center

My interview with NPR Affiliate WOUB Public Media

ART AS A REFLECTION OF THE WORLD: SPEAKING WITH ARTIST BARBARA BRYN KLARE   WOUB Digital · ‘Art as Reflection of the World’: Speaking with Artist Barbara Bryn Klare   NPR ATHENS OHIO On November 12, I sat down with Emily Votaw, arts and culture producer for National Public Radio/Public Broadcasting affiliate station WOUB Public Media in Athens, OH. By “sat down,” I mean spoke on the phone, COVID-style. We


WHERE Were You Harassed? showing at KENSINGTON + CHELSEA Art Week, 1 – 11 October 2020 LITTLE VOICES Little Voices is an art piece comprising sculpture, performance, spoken word and visual art. Both emerging and established artists will address the topic: transforming society to solve the climate crisis and the greatest inequalities of our time. The project includes local and international artists from a range of backgrounds and will be

Interview for LET LOOSE Magazine

INTERVIEW with LET LOOSE SKATEBOARDING MAGAZINE SNEAK PEEK: 3. What’s the best dessert to try in the Bay Area? I have a huge sweet tooth. Oyatsuya (@oyatsuya on Instagram),an omakase snack/dessert pop-up in SF. It is THE bomb. They literally sell out in a few minutes. They are temporarily closed right now, which is too bad. Also great: Uji Time in Berkeley and S Bay (ice cream, mochi, taiyaki, etc.). Try

SHREDDED FLAG (Charlottesville)

  SHREDDED FLAG (Charlottesville) in online group show at Touchstone Gallery, Washington DC (touchstonegallery.com) Awarded BEST IN SHOW Go HERE to view virtual gallery 18 Sept – 3 Nov 2020 TITLE: SHREDDED FLAG (Charlottesville) MEDIUM: Ink and thread on paper DIMENSIONS: 9 x 11 inches Although I created this piece in response to the divisive Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, it sadly continues to be relevant. The


NATURE + 1 IN DIALOGUE WITH THE UNKNOWN @DIE KUNSTSCHAFFENDEN Linz AUSTRIA 6 Oct through 28 Oct 2020 NATURE: Twigs, dried grass, wood chips, aloe leaves, sea oats, palm fronds +1: Rescued textiles, modern boro textiles, embroidery and sashiko thread, horsehair, paint, twine, and ephemera 2-9 inches high To see all 200 pieces, go here. A group show of international artists: Kirsty Lamont . Barbara Bryn Klare . Rachel Macmanus . Marten Tollin


STALKING ARTIST SHELVES Who knew that stalking other artists’ bookshelves was a thing? I did. And do. And so does, the New York Times–or at least celebrity writers, actors, and others’ bookshelves (here and again here). My friend Jenny’s bookshelf was designed and made by her architect husband. The books are ordered by color. Note that there is room for art within and below the shelves. @TheArtistShelf on Instagram Book |


OFF TO MONTREAL WITH YOU As part of the research study at Concordia University Socially Engaged Art and Public Pedagogies, Montreal, QUEBEC To be turned into: Visual Essay Textile Tapestry TEXT [excerpt] For the first part of the Lockdown, I was in a 590 sq ft condo downtown. I couldn’t create; I couldn’t think. I think I held my breath for a month while we all watched and waited. Sirens,

TINY COVID STORY: A graceful arc toward a car-less world

A GRACEFUL ARC TOWARD A CAR-LESS WORLD Next to my downtown condo is a large parking lot for the city workers. Overnight, when COVID hit and everyone started working from home, it went from being filled with cars to nearly empty. Instead of seeing drivers circling to find a space to park, I looked out one morning to see a lone roller skater circling the concrete lot: each round a

POST PROJECT 2020: a collective narrative

POST PROJECT 2020: Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Flock Together is a collection of anonymous narratives, some long, some short spoken, read or thought during the COVID lockdown from mid April 2020 to end of June 2020. My piece was about being in lockdown in a small downtown condo. There were 45 contributors from UK and around the world.