YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE video in Care + Pace at PMVABF

Just in case you didn’t know, I am also a yoga practitioner, and I got my yoga teacher certification during COVID downtime (what else was there to do? or so I thought at the time). If you would like to see the video in full, let me know.

My short video YOGA IN A HOT MINUTE was presented as part of ILSSA group’s Care + Pace contributions to Printed Matter’s Virtual Art Book Fair, 24 Feb – 28 Feb 2021. Yes, you can do yoga in a hot minute (that’s hot minute, not hot yoga). ILSSA stands for Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts. It is a union for reflective creative practice. Each year, ILSSA sponsors a Festival to Plead for Skills, based on the Tanabata Festival in Japan, in which practitioners seek to improve their craftsmanship, and write these wishes on a piece of paper. ILSSA seeks to inspire the practice of wishing AND doing, hopefully to result in an AHA! moment or breatkthrough of some kind. What is YOUR breakthrough Tanabata story?

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