I am happy to report that my work will be included in the following exhibition as part of SHIM Social Justice:


Location: Court Square Exchange, Connecticut, USA
Opening Date: 19th June 2023
Projected Close Date: 10th July 2023


A group exhibition, where a selection of ‘Exquisite Corpses*’ will be displayed representing different SHIM Groups. All members from SHIM Social Justice are invited to include a piece of work, which will be printed on site and displayed as a whole. QR codes will be used to direct viewers and collectors to the Artsy page in order to learn more about your work. Amy Jackson and SHIM will promote artists throughout the duration of the show online via Instagram.
*An exquisite corpse, “cadavre exquis” in French, is a collaborative art technique that involves a group of individuals creating a collective artwork. In the 1920s, a group of Surrealist artists, including Breton and Duchamp, experimented with this method. It is rooted in the Surrealist movement’s interest in the subconscious, chance, and the liberation of creativity from rational constraints. 
SHIM now uses this concept to minimise the environmental footprint and cost associated with shipping work, by taking advantage of this technique and the digital space (via platforms such as Artsy), it can promote artists all over the world at minimal cost by linking to artists online. It serves as a reminder that art is not solely an individual pursuit but can also be a communal endeavor, encouraging the exploration of new ideas and perspectives.