Call and Response: Meet Me Here, Colored pencil, ink, pencil, 2023


This work is part of my research on color.

The Drawing Box is an international initiative of independent artists, started by Diane Henshaw from Northern Ireland.  I have been observing and enjoying the work of its members for several years and I recently decided to join in the group exhibit Call-and-response/Antiphony/Flyting to be shown in Glasgow, September 2023.



From the Artist Brief:

In Scotland, an old poetic tradition of ‘flyting’ was a competitive spoken word poetry session, something like a rap battle. Poets would take it in turns to respond to each other’s work, building a performance of a series of responses. In this show, we want to consider how the ‘call-and-response’ creates its own form, incorporating the curator, artists, and audience.

The act of drawing can reflect on the developmental process particular in the arts. Leaps forward in practise are made in the contemplative spaces between making. The step back and away from your art often awards a perspective on previous work that enables  transformative step in another direction. Much like flyting, this inaction, creates a call and response.

This conversational element will extend between artists, curators, then on to the audience. Works created by members will be used to create a tangential movement of creative building blocks. The installation aspect of the exhibition will be an experiment in explorative curation that will be presented as part of this year’s Glasgow Project Room programme (a voluntary, artist-led space established in 1997 by Glasgow Independent Studio).