Pencil, indigo-dyed textiles, paint, thread, colored pencil, old book pages

Textile sketchbooks are my way of reasoning. Of working through, and of accepting and embracing randomness and pushing forward. If a part lands a certain way, I try not to move it. I have dozens of these pages; if I am lucky one of them works and shows me the way.

The yellowing and brittleness of old book pages is immensely pleasing to me. You can’t really re-create it. I’ve tried putting paper in the oven, that sort of thing. It doesn’t work. There is a piece of fabric on each page, if you include netting as fabric–hey, it’s woven. Sometimes just a wisp or a trace. It’s not required.

The quality of line and evidence of the hand is very important to me. These are some lines that are natural to me.

This is a covert collaboration between my artist friend Jenny and me. She doesn’t know I am doing this.